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Type 2 diabetes mellitus and covid 19


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    Download PDF Abstract Objectives Frozen and freeze-dried plasmas may be used for local prothrombin time system calibration, for direct international normalized ratio INR determination, and for quality assessment. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the usefulness of INRs assigned with various types of thromboplastins to frozen and freeze-dried pooled plasmas obtained from patients treated with vitamin K antagonists.

    The correlation between cardiovascular disease and psychosocial factors including concomitant mental disorders as well as personality traits or the effect of social environment has been established in numerous studies aimed at investigating pathogenesis or various clinical endpoints. The Guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology include the assessment and the management of psychosocial problems with behavioral medicine interventions as a I. A level recommendation. The implementation of these guidelines in everyday clinical practice is crucial to decrease cardiovascular risk.

    Methods INRs were calculated according to the international sensitivity index ISI model using various thromboplastins and instruments, i. International Standards for thromboplastin as well as six commercial reagents prepared from rabbit and bovine brain, and recombinant human tissue factor.

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    Results For all frozen and freeze-dried plasmas, the INRs calculated with bovine thromboplastin Thrombotest were lower than the INRs assigned with other thromboplastins. With a few exceptions, the frozen and freeze-dried pooled plasmas were commutable. Conclusions Processing of fresh plasmas to prepare pooled frozen plasmas and freeze-dried plasmas may lead to different INR assignments depending on the thromboplastin used.

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    Despite minor INR differences, a set of six frozen plasma pools could be used for local calibration by direct INR determination. Cardiovascular Diseases Unable to retrieve citations for this document × Retrieving citations for document Umans, Milos Brankovic, Rohit M.

    Oemrawsingh, Folkert W. Asselbergs, Pim van der Harst, Imo E. Hoefer, Bas Cukorbetegség loos recept, Harry J. Crijns, Timo Lenderink, Anton J. Oude Ophuis, Ron H.

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